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GC Chastelle's Khaluminadi
Granded at 9 Months of Age!


GC Chastelle's Zanzibar
Two-Show Grand Champion at 8 Months of Age!

GC Chastelle's Azul Savior
Blue and White Van Male
Best Of Color Class - Persian Calico & BiColor Division of Other Tabby/Van & White Division 
in Great Lakes Region 2010


GC, RW Chastelle's Gypsey Buyou
Solid Black Male

19th Best Cat - GLR 2007-2008
Best Solid Persian GLR 2007-2008
2006 Great Lakes Region Color Winner - 2nd Best Black Persian

GC Chastelle Sings A Love Song
Brown Tabby and White Van BiColor Male
2nd Best Brown Tabby & White Persian  GLR 2008-2009
3rd Best Persian - Calico & Bi-Color Division GLR 2008-2009


GC Chastelle's California Poppy
Red and White BiColor Male
A One-Show Grand in Hong Kong 2010



GC Chastelle's Asante'
Black and White Van BiColor Male
Asanté granded at just 8 months of age


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