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Chastelle’s Maximus, Odd-eyed Red and White


GC Katzeyes HonkeyTonk Bedonkedonk (aka Trace) -Blue Tabby and White


GC Chastelle's Khaluminadi
Odd/Eyed Black and White BiColor
Khaluminadi Granded at 9 Months of Age!

CFA Great Lakes Region Breed Winner - Third Best of Breed/Persian Calico & BiColor Division
2011-2012 Show Season

CFA Great Lakes Region Best of Color Class - Best Black and White


Announcing PL* Jantar Kioo of Chastelle
Copper Eyed Silver Tabby & White
Imported from Poland - Thank You Piotr for this beautiful boy!

Sire: Chastelle Chanzo Bluu of PL * Jantar
Dam: PL * Jantar Zoe



GC Chastelle's Azul Savior
Temporarily home at Chastelle...

Best Of Color Class - Persian Calico & BiColor Division of Other Tabby/Van & White Division 
in Great Lakes Region 2010

Second Best of Breed Winner/Calico & BiColor Division 2010-2011 Show Season

Best of Color Class/Blue Tabby & White 2010-2011 Show Season

Azul is the first blue eyed bicolor male of pure Persian lines to grand in CFA in the US!!
Dam's Pedigree   Sire's Pedigree


GC, RW Chastelle's Asanté
Black and White Van Bicolor Male
Asanté granded at just 8 months of age and now resides in Bahrain

CFA Great Lakes Region's 25th Best Cat-2010-2011 Show Season

Best of Breed Winner/Calico & Bicolor Division 2010-2011 Show Season

Best of Color Class/Best Black and White 2010-2011 Show Season


GC Chastelle Sings A Love Song

2nd Best Brown Tabby & White Persian  GLR 2008-2009
3rd Best Persian - Calico & Bi-Color Division GLR 2008-2009

GC, RW Chastelle's Gypsey Buyou
19th Best Cat - GLR 2007-2008
Best Solid Persian GLR 2007-2008

2006 Great Lakes Region Color Winner - 2nd Best Black Persian
GC, RW Stepp'nstone's Northern Horizon of Chastelle
Solid Black

CFA Great Lakes Region's 13th Best Cat - 2010-2011 Show Season

Best of Breed Winner-Solid Division-2010-2011 Show Season

Best of Color Class/Black 2010-2011 Show Season



Day Oh's Olde Blue Eyes of Chastelle
(Blue-eyed Cream & White Van) PURE Persian Lines

Day Oh's Bennicio of Chastelle
(Brown Tabby & White Van)



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