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Please check back often for newly available kittens..  .Please email us for any additional info.

We have kittens available!

This kitten is a Red and White Male Van Mail of pet quality.  This kitten was born Jan 25. 2017.  His parents are Tarays Trinity of Chastelle
and GC Chastelle Sings A Love Song.


Due to the USDA Ruling - No Pet Kittens Will Be Sold By Chastelle Persians Site Unseen.  Arrangements Must Be

 Made For You or Someone of Your Choosing To See The Kitten Before Purchasing

SCAM ALERT!!!! – Breeders Be Aware

One particular website is currently under investigation for fraudulent reporting of internet fraud on the part of some small animal breeders.  We at Chastelle Persians have fallen victim to the ever-increasing practice of false reporting being done via the internet.  Acting on the advice of Legal Council, we are posting this statement in order to make clear the malicious intent of those responsible for slandering our names and others.  One of these web sites is designed to elicit $2,000 from every individual whose reputation they attempt to destroy.  Do not believe these vicious lies. Our Guestbook and our 30 plus years of experience alone can serve as  primary  evidence as to our practices and ethics.  We as breeders will never satisfy each and every individual.  All we can do is our best and what we feel is right when dealing with certain individuals. 

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